Woody: his life, times and teachings" is a one-man show, a three-dimensional portrait of Woody, his beliefs and how he came to hold them. It’s like spending an evening with the legendary Coach. Is it a play? Yes. Is it a motivational speech? Yes. Is it a lecture from one of Ohio State’s best professors? Yes. It’s all that and more.

Naturally it's laced with Buckeye football history, but the core of the show isn't about football at all. It's about how to be a success in life; how to be a successful, contributing human being. It's about how to be a winner, personal responsibility, the importance of education, hard work and paying forward, all presented against the backdrop of world history and Buckeye football.

Based on hours and hours of interviews with players and coaches including Richard Mack, Kurt Schumacher, Dave Foley, Bill Armstrong, Chuck Hutchison, Tom Batista, Craig Cassady, Coach Chuck Clausen, Alan Jack, John Hicks, Richard Ferko, Archie Griffin, Ted Provost, Jeff Kaplan, Mark  George, Rex Kern and Coach Earle Bruce. Jeff Hall’s uncanny performance as “Woody” has earned standing ovations from everyone from children to senior citizens.

Educators commented that it should be seen by every high school senior/college freshman in the country. Some of Coach Hayes' personal friends and players forgot they were watching a performance and expressed gratitude for "getting to spend one more evening with their old friend."

There are laughs, tears and cheers throughout for fans and non-fans alike.


What is it?